Mangunan Fruit Park Hill on Jogjakarta (Taman Buah Mangunan)

Hallo all the viewers, how do you today? I hope is fine :D 

This time i want to share to you a great place for visit, hidden, beautiful and not crowded, you can find a lot of different variety of fruit plants and vegetable plants, you can taste it of course, for example : rambutan, coconut, mango, guava, king fruit, sour sop, papaya and jack fruit and on there you can find many flower plantation as well, and here you also can find organic vegetables such as collards, kale, tomato eggplant, peppers, long beans and corns, all grown using organic fertilizers.

The location of this place are on Dlingo Village, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 16 km from Bantul city and 26 km from Yogyakarta city, you can reach this place use service by travel agent or taxi motor, and according to information from the manager of this place, in near future they will added some more different fruit and vegetables, such as : melon, watermelon, bananas and if you want to taste or try some fruit in here you need to arrange Ur visit time, because you need to come in the same time when the all that fruit plantation produce fruit for visitors, for example that in January is the season for mango, rambutan and king fruit, for march is the season for citrus, and in march, July and December is the season for guava, for sour sop and all the vegetables you can taste it anytime :D Great isn't. 

Don't worry about the prize, the manager said that you can bring home or taste some fruit on there and you just can pay with the same prize like you bought fruit and vegetables from traditional market ;) , and this place of course provide you some good facilities for children playground, meeting, camping, trekking, rap ling and out bond or just for relax from the rutinity :D , and the facilities are : mosque, meeting room with the large capacity, swimming pool for children, park it self and view point + cycling tour deep inside to the village.

This place provide you educational trip to if you like to know how to manage or plant some fruit and vegetables plantation or want to know how to bio gas process  works or how to make organic fertilizer or raise cattle or how to grafting all the plantation or you just want to relax in here it's totally OK :D

From the View point near from the home stay and park area u can find view point that you can enjoy and spend time to enjoy when sunrise or sunset come,  for me it was gorgeous and nice, i hope this information can help you a bit if you want to know and visit some hidden and natural place on Yogyakarta, have a nice day and don't stop to travel :D See ya 

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