Indrayanti Beach / Pantai Indrayanti

Hidden Place for Visit at Java 

   How are you travel enthusiast, whether you like adventures like Indiana Jones or Maybe like New Person that had different interesthing side? :), If you are an adventurer who loved the hidden site for travel or visit and rarely visited by many people, if your soul is like the challenge to see the other side of Indonesia and particularly some exotic island? I have a lot of news for you my friend.

   In my humble blog, I really would like to review, give tips, and tricks associated with all the hidden places to travel enthusiast, but for a while, I'll start with the first island of Java, I hope, you, you and you yes you, can take this information and you certainly can ask everything about the island of Java to me.

   All about Java and exoticism that can you get here, all the information I provide, I hope can be very useful if you really want to find the resorts that are still very quiet and hidden, of course coupled with a challenging path, coupled with the incredible scenery (according to my own personal, I hope you also have the same thoughts after visiting the site).

   Everything was beautiful, everything is amazing, all are presented for us to enjoy together.

   Indrayanti beach is located in the coastal Sundak, Tepus Districts, Gunungkidul Regency. White sandy beaches that extend from East to West is relatively new and quite beautiful. In addition to beautiful, the beach is quite clean, as this beach managers to impose fines on any visitors if caught littering.

   Manager provides several pieces jetsky beach can be rented by visitors to the beach to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the other side, besides the pleasure berjetsky fun of course. After enjoy to surf with jetsky, visitors can play on the shore of sea water while playing and enjoy the waves that swept the beach or it could be sunbathing.

   On the west side of the entrance to the beach, there are mountains of rock big enough and beautiful. Behind the rock is there a white sandy beach that is wide enough.

   Tired of playing in the water and sunbathing, guests can relax in the gazebo at the edge of the beach while enjoying a meal with a drink of fresh coconut

   Beach managers also provide a place of lodging for groups or families, so that visitors can relax on the beach while enjoying a night on the beach.
Facilities :
  - Cottage Accommodation
  - Bathroom
  - Gazebo - Gazebo
  - Pondok Stage

Food & Beverage :
  - Chicken Fried / Grill
  - Fish Grill / Fry
  - Young Coconut Ice

Here are some picture about Indrayanti Beach 

Hidden Place for Visit on Java
Pantai Indrayanti / Indrayanti Beach

Hidden Place for Visit on Java
Pantai Indrayanti / Indrayanti Beach

Hidden Place for Visit on Java
Pantai Indrayanti/Idrayanti Beach

  1. Use a trusted travel agent and of course friendly and cheap if u are backpacker, or you can manage with other tourist to manage and rent one car (we call it "share car")
  2. You can rent a motorcycle if you prefer to explore the place alone and in groups, at the Jogja range to rent a motorcycle in the range of 60-70 thousand rupiah.
  3. You can also rent bikes if you are strong enough to biking up there, but do not forget, always carry a map of Yogyakarta, the price of bycycle rental around 15-25 thousand rupiah.
  4. The sun rises in the region of Yogyakarta, you can enjoy at 4:00 am, so you must know whether to stay there a day earlier or leaving early, from where you stay, and can usually be enjoyed sunset at 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
  5. If you want to explore other beaches near the coast Indrayanti, you should leave more early.
  6. It would be nice to bring your own food and drinks to the beach than Indrayanti, due in some coast near Indrayanti, there are not a good cafe and the food that I have inadequate quality, unless you visit the baron beach adjacent to the beach Indrayanti, at baron beach, there are several seafood stalls which provide.
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